Grid House : By Forte, Gimenes & Marcondes Ferraz Arquitetos

Posted on February 10, 2011


Serra da Mantiqueira, Brazil
Forte, Gimenes & Marcondes Ferraz Arquitetos
Post By:Kitticoon Poopong

Photo © Courtesy of Alexandre Schneider

In an area of 53.24 hectares, only 65,000 square meters are not covered by the lush native intact forest that is permanently protected. In this area of accidented topography, where large stones are surrounded by Araucaria trees, a small valley was chosen, protected from the winds and close to the forest. This is where the natural walking paths cross: the site where people who arrive at the plot of land go to, access to the paths leading to the heart of the forest and to the top of the hill where one sees an impressive view.
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