Agave Library : By Will Bruder + Partners

Posted on February 2, 2011


Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Will Bruder + Partners
Post By:Kitticoon Poopong

Photo © Courtesy of Bill Timmerman

Will Bruder draws from the Wild West and the car wash to design an up-to-date library. 
In Phoenix, sprawl creates cultural, economic, and architectural mash-ups both weird and wonderful. Time and space collapse in the so-called Valley of the Sun, opening up views of Jiffy Lubes framed by rugged mountains, foreclosed houses next to a new boutique hotel, and Tod Williams Billie Tsien’s Phoenix Art Museum just blocks away from a mock-Aztec restaurant offering “Mex & Match” menu items. This is where the frontier meets the strip mall. Will Bruder, who moved here from Milwaukee more than 35 years ago, knows and loves this place. His work—from the Deer Valley Rock Art Center to the Central Library and Loloma 5 condominiums—mines the area’s geological, archaeological, and stylistic heritage, then transforms these sources into buildings that glorify the act of construction, whether humble or lavish. Without ever being literal, his designs put you in touch with desert ravines, Hohokam ruins, and the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright
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