Maggie’s Centre : By Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

Posted on February 1, 2011


London, England
Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
Post By:Kitticoon Poopong

Photo © Courtesy of José Miguel Hernández Hernández

A new center offers cancer patients a peaceful place for care other institutions
cannot provide

In 1988, an extraordinary Scottish woman named Maggie Keswick Jencks was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was a mother, a scholar who wrote and lectured about Chinese landscape gardening, a world traveler, and the wife of designer and critic Charles Jencks, not to mention an accomplished landscape designer in her own right. After surgery, and a five-year period of remission, the cancer returned. This time an aggressive strain attacked her bones, bone marrow, and liver. Maggie was also outgoing, articulate, and an often-published writer who was willing to try an extraordinary range of treatments and strategies as she fought for her life. She won a second period of remission, but finally succumbed to her disease in 1995. 
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