Lim Geo Dang House : By IROJE KHM Architects

Posted on January 23, 2011


JangHangDong, IlSan, GoYang, South Korea
IROJE KHM Architects
Post By:Kitticoon Poopong

Photo © Courtesy of YongKwan Kim
Site & City

The residential complex in Ilsan new town contains the context of urban design that wishes to be my house/neighborhood and be our village as a concept of village where live together. A house becoming to the city, so it gain a life by taking root the architecture in the city. By opening the architecture towards the city, it forms a village that owned in common each other, but on the contrary, it should satisfy the function as a private space of oneself. It is hard to secure enough outside space in the site area of 70pyeong with the general program of house. In this case, the outer wall of first floor and the road come into close contact. That
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