Residence for a Sculptor 3 : By Sander Architects

Posted on October 24, 2010


Santa Rosa, Calif., United States 
Sander Architects

Post By:Kitticoon Poopong
Photos © Sharon Risedorph
It was the last lot in a Santa Rosa, Ca. subdivision. While its location overlooking the Valley of the Moon vineyard was very desirable, its steep hill and designated building zone, which abutted a neighboring residence, were obvious disadvantages, and the lot remained on the market. Enter an artist couple and an architect with a vision who, together, realized the five-acre site's potential and set out to build a home with studio spaces for both its residents, a sculptor and a quilter. This was not the first venture between the clients and architect Whitney Sander—Sander had previously built a residence for the couple in Colorado. “With the first house, I had the opportunity to build on a 102-acre site," says Sander, "With this residence, I had the chance to work with a billion dollar view.” Creative negotiations with the developer of the subdivision allowed the building zone to be moved. Instead of a residence at the base of the hill, the house resides 70 feet up the hillside.
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