Sereno House : By Jaime Rendon Arquitectos

Posted on September 29, 2010


Architects: Jaime Rendon Arquitectos
Location: Medellín, Colombia
Project Team: Jaime Rendon, Felipe Campuzano, Fernando Zapata
Structure Engineer: Luis Bernardo Gonzalez
Contractor: Luz Estella Orrego
Electrical Design: INGELECTRICA LTDA
Construction year: 2006-2007
Photographs: Sergio Gomez, Felipe Campuzano

This house is located at the suburbs of Medellín (Colombia), 2,150 meter AMSL (Above Mean Sea Level).

The outstanding visual over the valley (named Valle del Aburrá), and the native forest that surrounds the house make this site unique in its type.

The longitudinal house location in reference to the plot enables walking trough while enjoying the exterior outlook.

The built-in white concrete volume encloses the social and the service zones, as well as the bedrooms. The built-in black stone volume surrounds the master bedroom and the private study (wood-box), both are linked by a iron built-in bridge.

Sun-light and shade splits the social zone in summer time, as result of the patio, the study, the bedrooms location against south and east facades.

At the end of the year, the sun is south located and the whole area has a steady shade over the social zone, not only because of the house location but the native forest sun shade effect.

The entry is a dual connotation, i.e., colossal and tiny, which best elucidates the “zaguán y el alero” (hallway) very popular in the traditional Colombian houses.
By Nico Saieh — Via:archdialy

499560019_alcoba-ppal-medellin 499560019_alcoba-ppal-medellin18888584_fachada-occidental-lateral1 18888584_fachada-occidental-lateral11637426051_fachada-occidental-lateral2 1637426051_fachada-occidental-lateral2

892416693_fachada-oriental 892416693_fachada-oriental

354796605_interior-general1 354796605_interior-general1

394222511_interior-general2 394222511_interior-general2

1892835651_interior-general 1892835651_interior-general

1961999999_interior-hall-acceso 1961999999_interior-hall-acceso1135941983_jacuzzi1 1135941983_jacuzzi11486508016_jacuzzi2 1486508016_jacuzzi2

1319994116_puente 1319994116_puente1147717931_puerta1 1147717931_puerta1

858692744_salon-ppal2 858692744_salon-ppal2

1786374638_salon-ppal 1786374638_salon-ppal


1237382686_sketch sketch

site plan

1158570363_1-localizacion site plan

first floor plan

2119156452_2-primer-piso first floor plan

second floor plan

1474049513_3-segundo-piso second floor plan

west elevation

1934872781_5-fach-occidental west elevation

east elevation

1573951740_6-fach-oriental east elevation

north elevation

2115413188_7-fach-norte north elevation

south elevation

1704372183_8-faca-sur south elevation

section 01

1289210063_4-secc-transversal section 01

section 02

1838059261_9-secc-longitudinal section 02