Posted on September 25, 2010


Modern Dream Homes : Farellones Home by Del Rio-Nunez Architects

There’s nothing quite like having a home tucked away into the sloping hills of Santiago, Chile, especially when you’re a single person living in the city and need a place to retreat away from the hustle and bustle. Built by Del Rio-Nunez Architects, the architects kept in mind the need for their client to have a close relationships with the landscape, while also using their inspiration to meld the colors, materials and style of the outdoor surroundings to incorporate modern and contemporary design.

The topography is interrupted by an 8×36m horizontal plane running north-south against the slope. The platform generates a stable and continuous surface area that includes a guest room, a patio, a pavilion, a terrace and a pool, which occupy its entire length. With heavy emphasis on being able to enjoy the views of the Andean, the architects included a glass enclosed pavilion, with views on every side, allowing you to take in all that the location has to offer. The home is sexy, sleek, and rejuvenating….talk about a “bachelor” pad? He won’t be staying a bachelor for much longer if they ladies see this home.

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