Posted on September 23, 2010


Modern Removable Wooden Cabinet Designs from Keiji Ashizawa

September 15, 2010 Category: Furniture  

removable furniture designs ideas
This modern wooden cabinet decor from Keiji Ashizawa was clearly the Japanese culture. We can see from the design included with the material that uses to make this shelf. We were invited to see and apply the design of this shelf if we were feeling interested and challenging to try on. The simple design of this house accessory was looking decorative since the designer was very diligent in choose the design and the material that will use to design this shelf. The diligent thought of these removable furniture designs ideas also come from the use of the metal work. We can see that the standing line of this shelf was come from the metal work. The removable decoration was perfect the cabinet side of this shelf. The removable decoration in this shelf was tried to accommodate the need of the full cabinet. In case if we were need several additional cabinet, we can try to add the cabinet in the bottom side of this storage. Designed from the diligent designer, we were invited to catch up these modular space saving furniture designs.

modern wooden cabinet decormodern wooden cabinet decor
modular space saving furniture designsmodular space saving furniture designs
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