Posted on September 23, 2010


Modular Standing Lamp Designs from Kassen’s Stalb Lighting Collection

September 16, 2010 Category: Lighting  

modular standing lamp decor ideas
The decorative lighting fixtures ideas plans in this lighting series from Kassen’s Stalb Lighting Collection were design in unique style and the compatible material. We will see the head lamp was use the wooden material and designed with the square shape. The small size of the head lamp combine with the whole layouts of this lamp was looking decorative and suitable for almost the entire house space theme. We can place this stuff in our living room as the corner lights or if we want to get a different performance, we can use this lamp as the exterior decoration. The modular standing lamp decor ideas in this lamp furniture was easy to apply on. We can try to make this lamp from our self. We can try to decide the concept of the lamp. It will be completely same or just the concept. After decide the concept included with the layouts, we can start to look for the suitable material and start to cut and collect. We can gather the material based on our pleasure or based on the basic concept of this lamp. Feeling challenging? Go ahead and try these innovative house lighting designs.

decorative lighting fixtures ideas plansdecorative lighting fixtures ideas plans
innovative house lighting designsinnovative house lighting designs
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