The Diver’s House Comes With Plenty of Diving Opportunities

Posted on September 14, 2010


If you’re really passionate about water, diving and swimming then maybe a house on the beach is not what you should be looking for. Instead better check out the Diver’s house which comes with plenty of support for your diving sessions. The Diver’s house replicates coral geometry, which will only set the mood right for jumping from those planks.. And there are plenty of platforms of different heights to let you go crazy on a sunny day. Just make sure those diving boards aren’t in reach of small children and that your pool parties are as safe as possible with all that diving involved. Via Antonio Pio Saracino

Divers House 1.jpg
Divers House 2.jpg

Divers House 3.jpg
Divers House 4.jpg
Divers House 5.jpg

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